What to Keep in Mind When Wearing Natural Essence Oils

Unlike synthetic perfumes and colognes, Ambre Blends Essence Oils are designed to complement your body’s natural chemistry so that every time you apply our products, your body emanates a soothing, long-lasting aroma unique to you.

We use a mix of plant-based oils to create our five essence blends. In staying true to the natural development of the plant based oils that make up our five scents, we do not add any chemical stabilizers or fixatives to our blends, so the plant-based oils will continue to naturally mature and the scent will continue to develop with time. A new bottle will not start off smelling the exact same as an old bottle as the older bottle will be further along in development. 

Various other factors can affect our blends such as exposure to light, change in temperature, and even exposure to oxygen. Also, please keep in mind that our blends are considered “skin scents.” Skin scents work with a person’s body chemistry. Body chemistry, which naturally changes and adapts to our health, diet, stress levels, environment, season, and more, is a huge factor into both how our body radiates scent and how we interpret scent.

Take a look at the things Ambre Blends can and can’t control when it comes to our natural essence oils: