How do I wear Ambre Blends?

We’re all about ART. Apply the essential oils or products to your skin. Radiate the fragrance once it blends with your natural chemistry. Time is your ally – no need to apply throughout the day, and it is more effective after your body has thoroughly warmed up.


How are Ambre Blends products made?

We use only the finest, all-natural oils sourced from premiere refineries around the globe. We import our oils and ingredients to our Indianapolis headquarters where we follow our own thoroughly-tested recipes to blend and bottle each individual unit by hand. Everything that goes into our product packaging is made with recycled and biodegradable materials.

What is scent immunity and how do I overcome it?

After continued use of any fragrance, your sense of smell will become acclimated to that scent. As an all-natural oil-based line, Ambre Blends is no different. There is, however, a refreshing remedy to this sensual numbness – explore each Ambre Essence over time. By alternating between our five signature blends, your body is constantly being presented with a new fragrance, decreasing the potential for scent immunity. With each individual essence, you will softly be reminded of the unique Ambre Blends aroma, without compromising the senses of you and those nearby.


How do I boost scent warming oil?


How do I apply Ambre Blends Skin Tonic?

Do you use our Skin Tonic? Make sure you’re applying it correctly by patting it onto your skin instead of rubbing it in to help protect your skin’s elasticity.


Why do we call Ambre Blends a natural fragrance?


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