Ingredient Spotlight: CoQ10

Let’s talk about Coenzyme Q10, otherwise known at CoQ10. We use CoQ10 in Ambre Blends Skin Tonic as it is a naturally-occurring, vitamin-like substance which acts as an antioxidant neutralizing harmful free radicals.

CoQ10 occurs naturally in our bodies as well as animals, fruits, veggies, some oils, and legumes. While one of its functions is boosting energy production, it also works to protect us from damage to our skin. Here are some of the reasons why we love it so much and why we chose to use it in our Skin Tonic:

It fights free radical damage. Your skin gets exposed daily to dirt, makeup, and all of the outdoor elements like UV radiation and ozone pollution. CoQ10 works as an antioxidant to protect it from harmful effects while also keeping your skin supple and revitalized.

It prevents collagen damage. CoQ10 supports the body’s ability to product collagen and elastin. It also energizes cell activity which is needed to repair damage and make sure skin cells are healthy.  Energized skin cells mean healthier skin cells!

It keeps skin supple. By acting as an antioxidant and shielding your skin from impurities, CoQ10 also helps your skin hold onto its natural moisture and soak up any additional hydration you give it.

It reduces sun damage. Since CoQ10 has a potent antioxidant function, it helps protect the skin at the molecular level from the damaging effects of the sun.

Want to take advantage of the benefits of CoQ10? Grab a bottle of Skin Tonic online, which contains 18 natural and certified organic ingredients chosen for their medicinal and healing properties to rejuvenate your skin provide a healthy glow.