Travel Tips From the Ambre Blends Staff

Labor Day weekend is upon us, are you getting out of town for a much-needed vacation? We asked our staff their best travel tips for your next adventure, and here’s what they said…

“I carry Thieves oil spray and colloidal silver to keep me healthy on-the-go. I also have my noise-cancelling headphones so I can zen out.”

“My skin always dries out when on a plane. I put a healthy layer of Skin Tonic on before every flight and I always pack a lightweight scarf (any season). I use it for a blanket, a barrier, an accessory, and it can even be used as a sling.”

“My hack is reusing plastic gum containers for earbuds, candy, gum, jewelry, water enhancement packs, etc. Also, I string my necklaces into plastic straws so they don’t get tangled.”

“Always bring a koozie, and never leave home without a bottle of champagne. When I arrive at a destination it’s a nice opener to the start of a fun weekend.”

“Ask the locals their favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and boutiques. Make a point to check out some of the places they suggest.”

“Backpacks are considered personal items and don’t count as a carry-on on most airlines!”

“I put plastic wrap in between the cap and the bottle of my travel products and then screw the lid on so they won’t leak.”

And don’t forget, we’ve created an Ambre Blends Travel Bag that contains some of your favorite Ambre Blends products that are approved for air travel so you don’t ever have to leave home without your favorite scent!