Natural Fragrances, AKA "Skin Scents"

It’s time to take a look at your favorite perfume. Lots of popular perfumes on the market contain petroleum-derived ingredients and dangerous chemicals. Most of these ingredients should not be absorbed by your skin and into your body! In addition, with  synthetic perfumes it’s easy to overapply and smell too strong, offending others around you as you walk by.

Thankfully, there are non-toxic paraben-free options for fragrance. When using a natural fragrance, you’ll get a clean, rich scent without being overpowering or full of chemicals. It might seem like it’s barely-there, but those within your close proximity will be able to detect these clean, soft scents.

Take Ambre Essence, for example. This blend is fresh and clean but has a slightly smoky undertone. It’s subtle and delicate but deep-smelling like precious woods. It is a flirtatious scent that those around you will be able to enjoy without being overwhelmed by the smell.

Natural fragrances are also known as “skin scents.” As your body temperature heats up throughout the day, the scent will grow stronger and radiate as it mixes with your body chemistry.

But I Can’t Smell My Oil After I Apply It

One minute you smell it, the next you don’t. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your oil – it’s simply olfactory fatigue. Our brains are programmed to tell us when there are changes in smell, not to tell us when things smell the same. As you wear an oil essence, it becomes part of your environment and your brain pushes it to the background.

Even though you might stop smelling it as the day goes on, it’s still there and others around you will be able to pick up the new scent. We hear from our customers all the time that people ask them what they’re wearing!

A great way to combat scent immunity is by switching up the scent you wear. We have five different scents in our line of oil essences that you can mix and match to keep things fresh. Grab a sample pack to try all five and pick your favorites.