Thanksgiving 2020: Why We're Thankful

We took some time this week to reflect on what we’re thankful for this year. Don’t forget to take a few moments this week to give thanks. Here’s a dose of gratitude from our Ambre Blends family!

“We are so grateful for our loyal customers and retailers that have continued to support us all of these years. This year in particular has amplified that feeling and we will never forget it. And I am so grateful for the best staff ever!”

“I am most thankful for all the love in my life, nature, and my big baby boy Mojo (my dog).”

“I’m thankful for the good health of myself and my loved ones. I am also thankful for all of the incredible people in my life that make my world a better place.”

“I’m thankful it doesn’t cost a thing to smile and you don’t have to pay to laugh.”

“As always, I am most thankful for the health of my family and friends. This year, having three daughters, I am especially grateful for the Vice President Elect having shattered the glass ceiling.”

“Aside from my job and our health, I’m thankful for my husband, who is facilitating ALL of the e-learning for both of our boys while I am at work. Are you smarter than 3rd grader?!”

“After a rough 2020, I am most thankful for the physical and mental health of my family and friends. I am also thankful for the loyal support of our Ambre Blends customers and retailers who have helped us weather such unprecedented times.”

“I am thankful for the humbleness and growth that this year provided. I’m thankful for the kindness, the generosity, and the support of my friends and family.”

“I am forever thankful for my family and friends, good music, and the great outdoors. This year, I am especially thankful for the extra time I’ve had with my husband and daughter, and a job where I am surrounded by friends who feel just like family.”

“I am thankful for our Ambre Blends customers, the Ambre Blends team, my family, and my awesome pup Lemon!”