Rose Quartz 101

With each jar of Ambre Soak, you get a piece of rose quartz on top! 

"I wanted to do something different that I don't see in salt soaks," said Ambre Blends owner and creator, Ambre Crockett. "When we take a bath, we're giving care to ourselves, so what enhances that? Rose quartz."

So what is rose quartz? Rose quartz is attached to the heart and throat chakras communicating all kinds of love, from your relationships with family and friends to your own self-care. Rose quartz is a comforting and grounding force, encouraging loving energy, compassion, and joy. Rose quartz is also known for its healing properties of communication.

There is a strong feminine energy associated with rose quartz. It is part of the Taurus and Libra zodiac and has a vibration number of 7.

How do you use rose quartz? When you get a piece of rose quartz from a jar of Ambre Soak, you can set the crystal next to your bath or even put it in the bath while you're in it.

Rose quartz is also a popular crystal to use in feng shui, recommended to be put in your bedroom to attract love. It is also recommended to be placed in the center of your home to radiate positive energy and love to any visitors.

With its gentle, loving energy, rose quartz is a great crystal to use while meditating. You can lay the rose quartz next to you, place it on your heart chakra, or even hold it in your hand.