How to Wear, Warm, and Refill Your Oil Essences

Unlike synthetic perfumes, Ambre Blends oil essences are designed to complement your body’s natural chemistry so that every time you apply our products, your body emanates a soothing, long-lasting aroma unique to you. To best wear the product, we have put together some tips and tricks that you’ll find helpful!

How to Wear Ambre Blends Oil Essences

There is an ART to natural fragrance: Apply, Radiate, Time. To apply, put one pump of oil into the palm of your hand and apply the product by rubbing it into your "hot spots" like your forearms, chest, and nape of your neck. The oil essence will radiate after the product has had time to blend with your body's warmth and chemistry. Over time, your oil essence will get better! There's no need to reapply, the essence will continue to radiate as you cool down and warm up throughout the day. Watch this quick video to see how Ambre applies her oil.

How to Warm Up Your Oil Essence

Want to boost the scent of your oil? You can intensify the scent of your oil by warming it up. Heat activates the scent on you, but you can also warm it up in a bowl of hot tap water. Ambre made a video of how she warms up her oil that you can watch here.

How to Refill Your Oil Essence

When your 12ml bottle of oil is running low, don't buy a new one when you can refill it instead! We have 30ml refill bottles of our pure oil essences in all five of our signature scents as well as Alpha Essence, which are almost three times the volume of the 12ml pump bottles. If you're a repeat customer, this is a great option for you as it saves you 25% in cost versus buying three 12ml pumps - a better deal economically and environmentally! Refilling your bottle is easy, check out this quick video of Ambre refilling a bottle of Ainu.