All About Ambre Blends 12ml Pure Essence Oil

The most popular product in our line and the way most people find out about us is our Pure Essence Oils. Our entire product line is designed around our six Ambre Blends essences.

These all-natural essences are unisex, created with 100% pure and vegan ingredients sourced from all over the world. We never use any synthetic ingredients in our products, and therefore our natural fragrances work a little differently than synthetic perfumes. 

The Packaging

Our 12ml pump bottle was specifically designed to give you the exact amount of oil essence you need to radiate our Ambre Blends scents all day long. Most importantly, the pump forces you to rub in the oil essence, creating the friction and heat necessary to immediately help activate the aroma of Ambre Blends, and your body heat and chemistry will take it from there.


We're all about the ART of natural fragrance. Apply the essence oil to your skin. Dispense one pump of oil into the palm of your hand and rub it onto your forearms, back of your neck, chest, and other "hot spots" including the tips of your hair. Radiate the fragrance once it blends with your natural chemistry. Our oils are natural fragrances that mix with your body chemistry and heat to radiate all day long. Time is your ally - there's no need to reapply throughout the day! As your body heats up throughout the day, you will continue to radiate the scent.

Refilling Your 12ml Pump Bottle

Don't keep buying new 12ml bottles every time you're running low on oil, refill it with a 30ml refill bottle! We have 30ml refill bottles of our pure essence oil in all five scents, which are approximately three times the volume of the 12ml pump bottles. If you’re a repeat customer, the refill bottle is a great option for you; a refill bottle saves you 25% in cost versus buying three 12ml pumps. It’s a better deal economically and environmentally!

Refilling your 10ml pump is easy, check out this quick video of Ambre refilling a bottle of Ahnu. You can get your refill bottle now online here.

Finding Your Signature Scent

All six of our essences are unisex and will radiate a scent unique to you as it mixes with your body chemistry. The best way to find your perfect scent is to start with a sample pack of our five original essence oil blends or a sample of our newest scent, Alpha Essence. Each sample pack contains a vial of our five original Ambre Blends Pure Essence Oils so you can find your favorite. Don't be afraid to mix and match the scents - all of our products were created to layer and work together!