Going Green for Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and we love a holiday that celebrates going green!

Here at Ambre Blends, we are dedicated to being a green business. Not only does it create a healthy environment for our employees and customers, but it helps leads the way for social change. There are several things we do at the Ambre Blends Disco Hut to be a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious company…

  • We have a bottle-free water cooler from Indy Soft Water which provides us with clean water at three different temperatures without the plastic water jugs.
  • We participate in IPL’s Green Power option to support environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources. What that means is that 100% of our electricity use is to be generated by renewable sources such as Indiana wind farms.
  • Our building uses LED lighting along with light timers and occupancy sensors to reduce electrical usage.
  • All of our marketing material is printed on FSC certified paper, our fill paper is 100% recycled, and all of our packaging is curbside recyclable, biodegradable renewable.
  • We recycle on a five-to-one basis, meaning that we only go through one bag of trash for every five bags of recycling at the Ambre Blends Disco Hut. In addition, we also recycle and reuse all packaging materials sent to us!

Not only are we green at the office, but our staff goes green at home, too! Here’s how we’re celebrating Earth Day this weekend:

“I’m planting all my vegetables in my garden for Earth Day, and I’m also getting a lesson in how to properly compost. I’m deterring to master composting this year!”

“This year, we’re going to a local nursery to purchase a tree we can plant in our yard.”

“On Earth Day weekend each year, I plant a milkweed plant for butterflies, monarchs specifically. I have about seven in my yard now.”

“I had solar panels installed on my house for Earth Day. I’m looking forward to seeing what the sun can do!”

“I come from a family of tree-huggers, and on Earth Day we plant trees on our family farm for generations to enjoy.”

“I bought a battery-powered lawn mower and weed eater to honor Mother Earth and limit my carbon footprint.”