All About Unmasque

Unmasque Essence unifies our original Ambre Essence with over 13 essential oils such as frankincense, blood orange, coffee, mandarin red, patchouli, sandalwood, clove, black pepper, and the scent of leather (using vegan, natural, plant-based oils). All of these botanicals and plant-based oils are used strategically to interact with each other and bring out their essence without being overpowering, which is why it is our most complex blend. It is earthy and warm while having a sweet and smooth undertone.

We sat down with Ambre, creator of Ambre Blends, to talk about how she created Unmasque!

“I started creating Unmasque in the fall. It is the most complex of the five scents in our line and it has the most ingredients in it as well. It was also the one that took the most time to develop. I called it Unmasque because it’s all about revealing your true identity, taking the mask off and showing people who you really are. It’s also about revealing your true nature. It has ingredients in it to help with balancing, calming, and promoting confidence.”

What inspired you to create Unmasque? “I wanted to do something completely different that felt good in the fall and winter. I wanted to do something where I was using a lot of oils I had not used before. Unmasque is a very unisex scent. It‘s a scent that if people like it, they love it. That’s their scent, it’s the one that they’re committed to. When I created it, I thought that people who like more of the woody, richer, dark smells would enjoy it most, but it crosses barriers to people that also prefer floral scents. I wanted to give it a unique spelling which is where Unmasque came in (not unmasked).”

What People Say About Unmasque

“This is the BEST scent EVER. I absolutely love it. It isn’t super feminine but also isn’t masculine either. It is such a unique, amazing fragrance.”

“I absolutely love love love love Unmasque! Out of all the scents, I would say this one is the brightest. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it smells sort of beauty. I really cannot get enough of it!”

“Unmasque is my absolute favorite of the oils, it smells amazing with a subtle yet long-lasting scent. It says on all day long, it’s unbelievable! I love all the scents in this line, you really can’t go wrong. But this oil is my favorite hands down!”

“I love Unmasque! The smell is so intoxicating and unique. I also have Solace and Ahnu but Unmasque is my favorite. This can be worn year-round. Try this essence, you won’t regret it!”