All About Solace

Solace Essence infuses our original Ambre Essence with a tenacious, warm vanilla, creating a calming, peaceful blend. This warm, deep scent has a woodsy musk aroma with a little sweet undertone. This essence brings comfort and attraction.

We sat down with Ambre, creator of Ambre Blends, to talk about how she created Solace!

“I created Solace in December of 2005 while I was going through a hard time. It was wintertime and I was settling into my own place. It was something that helped me heal and move through it – I could focus on something creative and it got me out of my own head. I called it Solace because it brought my comfort, and I loved the name Solace because it has a warm, comforting sound to it. I used vanilla in it, which happens to be a very comforting scent. Men also tend to gravitate towards vanilla so it’s a very unisex smell.

There is one secret ingredient in Solace that I used on a guy in Colorado, and I knew I wanted to use it because everywhere we went (even the grocery store) people would stop him and ask him what he was wearing. This is the ingredient that sets Solace apart from all other vanilla fragrances.

We had an open house the following year and that’s where I premiered Solace. I got to see it get into the hands of other people who loved it as much as I did! People who like to switch up their scent tend to like using Solace in the winter because it’s warm, inviting, and comforting.”

What People Say About Solace

“Solace is my favorite of all of the Ambre Blends scents. The touch of vanilla makes it so warm and delicious.”

“I purchased Solace after a friend gave me samples of both Solace and Ambre. I love both of these and I get so many compliments on how nice my fragrance is! I work in a hospital so overpowering perfumes are a definite no. These blends are light and pleasant.”

“Wearing this scent felt like getting a warm hug. It calms the soul.”

“This is not a gourmand vanilla, but rather a freshly-laundered, clothes-hung-out-on-the-line-in-sunshine vanilla. It really resembles translucent fresh air. I can’t picture anyone not liking this scent!”