Ambre Blends

Unmasque Natural Solid Essence

$ 69.00

Our Essence Oil in a SOLID version! We kept the Ambre Blends Natural Solid Essence very clean and simple using only two ingredients in addition to our pure Ambre Blends Essence Oil - olive wax and sunflower wax. Olive wax and sunflower wax are nourishing and moisturizing which in return, will help to radiate the scent all day long. These skin-loving waxes melt into your skin beautifully and with ease.  

Application: Using circular motion, heavily coat the tips of your fingers (or scoop a little out) with our Natural Solid Essence and apply liberally by massaging into both sides of your forearms, neck, chest or anywhere else that holds heat.

You can wear your Ambre Blends Natural Solid Essence by itself or pair it with our Pure Essence Oil for an extra boost of scent. 

All Natural, Vegan Ingredients Include: Pure Unmasque Essence Oil, Olive Wax, Sunflower Wax.

*External use only

*Available in 1/2 oz. jar 

*Travel friendly

*Glass jar is recyclable / Bamboo lid is biodegradable

*Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures

To learn more about our Natural Solid Essence click HERE

To learn more about Unmasque Essence click HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Debbie H.
Love the solid essence

It takes so little of the product and the scent lasts all day! It is easy to apply too! Unmasque is an amazing fragrance that I love to wear!

Amanda R.
Love this formulation!

I have been an Unmasque fan for eons, I ususally use the roller ball for most intense scent (spray for otherwise) but at times it has ruined a top or two with it’s oil base (my bad!) so this seems to be the perfect solution and carries almost the same intensity. Adore!

Brittany T.

This is everything it claims to be and then some. Smells wonderful and very hydrating making the scent radiate all day long!

Yum yum yum

This blend is incredible. Not only does it feel silky but people around you will ask what you are wearing. You feel so good every time you apply! Yum

Long lasting

Love the solid! It leaves the skin feeling so soft, the scent carries and changes until you wash it off! Great value!

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