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Solace Skin Tonic (1oz)

$ 49.00

Ambre Blends Skin Tonic is a luxury body oil developed exclusively for the purpose of rejuvenating skin and providing a healthy glow to your face and body. Containing over eighteen natural and certified organic ingredients chosen for their medicinal and healing properties, combined with our signatures essences, our Skin Tonic is designed to keep you looking healthy and vibrant while also radiating your favorite Ambre Blends scent.

*  For details about our Solace scent, click HERE

***PLEASE NOTE:  This product is not our Pure Essence Oil. This is our Skin Tonic which contains over 18 pure, raw oils.  You WILL smell these raw oils when you first apply the Skin Tonic.  Once the raw oils are absorbed into your skin the pure essence oil will begin to radiate.

Using Ambre Blends Skin Tonic on your face and body will help boost cell regeneration and oxygenation; prevent formation of age spots; heal dry, chapped and cracked skin; retain natural dermal moisture; reduce the appearance of wrinkles; provide relief to dehydrated and sensitive skin and soften rough textured skin, all while leaving no oily residue. Our Skin Tonic has also been shown to be helpful in the reduction of the effects of many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and post-operative scarring. Ambre Blends Skin Tonic is hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, increases blood flow and improves elasticity, leaving skin feeling supple and youthful. 

Comes in a fresh-looking, chic, 1oz glass bottle with a silver pump dispenser lid. Perfect for travel. Size approved for air travel. 100% recyclable.  All of the ingredients in Ambre Blends Skin Tonic are specifically selected for their healing and rejuvenating properties. 

Though many ingredients share similar beneficial properties, the extensive combination of these ingredients ensures that users of Ambre Blends Skin Tonic will see definitive improvement to the health and beauty of their skin. Our natural and organic ingredients and their benefits include:

Sea Buckthorn: a deciduous plant which contains high levels of antioxidants that help regenerate skin cells, restore skin tissue and help prevent the effects of aging on the skin.

Jojoba: a desert plant which produces a hydrating, fast absorbing oil which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, prevents inflammation and promotes blood flow leaving skin with a healthy glow.

Evening Primrose: a perennial flowering plant that improves skins elasticity and leaves skin feeling supple.

Hempseed Oil: produced by cold-pressing seeds from the hemp plant, this ingredient is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is rich in vitamin D which acts as a barrier for the skin and helps lock in natural moisture.

Avocado Oil: produced from the avocado fruit, this regenerating and moisturizing oil contains beta-carotene and vitamins A, B, B2,D & E.

Green Tea Extract: a derivative of herbal green tea, rejuvenates skin cells, fights inflammation and soothes acne and irritated skin.

Apricot Kernal: the internal part of the seed of apricots nourishes, balances, rehydrates and lubricates skin.

Almond Oil: oil from the almond is a natural emollient containing vitamin B & E and essential minerals & proteins which protects the skin from sun damage and reduces skin irritation.

Coenzyme Q10: a natural occurring, vitamin-like substance which is a natural antioxidant, CoQ10 helps fight free radical damage, can help prevent collagen damage, and keeps skin supple by encouraging the production of collagen fibers and elastin.

Sunflower Oil: a natural emollient made from pressed sunflower seeds which is a natural antioxidant and is rich in beta-carotine, which can help protect skin from sun damage and reduce the effects of aging.

Pumpkin Seed: high in antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, fiber and vitamins C & K and helps regulate proper skin cell production.

Squalane: an organic compound derived from olives known for its anti-aging properties, squalane nourishes, hydrates and boosts skins ability to regenerate to reduce wrinkles and soften skin.

Coconut Oil: a natural antioxidant that strengthens skin by promoting cell regeneration.

Rose Hip: the fruit of the rose plant is rich in vital fatty acids and antioxidants providing anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits which promotes regeneration of collagen, elastin and scar tissue and reduces age spots and replaces damaged skin cells leaving skin strong and supple.

Borage: an annual herb rich in essential fatty acids and omegas which blocks skin inflammation, reduces skin irritation and restores dry, damaged skin.

Calendula: a perennial herb plant from the daisy family which is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Arnica: a perennial herb known for its natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. 

DIRECTIONS FOR APPLICATION: For best results, after drying off from bath or shower, apply to face and body and allow your skin to absorb the product and soak up the benefits. Ambre Blends Skin Tonic will quickly penetrate deep into the skin, leaving no oily residue.


*** Due to FDA regulation, we are required to use the word ‘fragrance’ to refer to our natural oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amy Findley
Love Skin Tonic!

Love Solace skin tonic! Makes your skin feel amazing and the scent is to die for.

Grace Amlung
A product you won’t regret

This product is amazing! I have incorporated it into my bedtime routine. It has helped my face become smoother, kept it evenly hydrated and has evened out my skin tone. A bonus is the solance smell which I am in love with. Basically it’s a product that is underrated and needs to be spotlighted more often. Ambre blends thanks for this amazing product :)

Love it and have some suggestions

I first bought the Solace fragrance 2 years ago. My impression is that the Solace fragrance this second time around is not as long lasting. With my first rollerball, I could smell the fragrance on myself all day with just a morning application. This "lesser scent" may just be my perception, or my chemistry now.

This is the first time I have tried the Skin Tonic, and I love it. It is silky, absorbs very quickly, and has a lighter scent of the Solace fragrance. I do not use it on my face. Because the bottle is so small, I use it on my chest/neck/arms/elbows after showering, but not every day. Even so, with this type of application, the small bottle is disappearing very quickly.

I love this line and I will order again. I have two suggestions: 1) give a better break on shipping, say free shipping on $150 or $175, instead of $250; 2) also offer the Skin Tonic without the fragrance at a much more affordable price. I would buy both.

Grae Pederson

Ambre blends is a wonderful product! It is so fresh and natural I get compliments on this scent all the time :) solace is my favorite!

Love This

I love this product. Use it all over including my face After the shower. Only con is it's not as strong smelling as the oil oil Essence and I wish it was. So I just layer it with the oil and other products. I smell amazing :)

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