Ambre Blends

Solace Pure Essence Oil (12ml)

$ 45.60 $ 57.00

Our new 12ml packaging and applicator were specifically designed to dispense the exact amount of Essence Oil you need to radiate your Ambre Blends scent all day long.  More importantly, the pump encourages you to actively rub in the Essence Oil creating the friction and heat necessary to immediately activate the aroma of Ambre Blends.  Your body heat and chemistry will take it from there!


Top Notes: a deep tenacious spice

Base Notes: our Ambre Essence, warm vanilla with a sweet undertone.

This is a calming, peaceful scent that brings the sense of comfort and attraction. 

* Made with all natural, pure and certified organic ingredients

* Average of three months of use in each bottle

* One pump dispenses the perfect amount of Essence Oil to last all day

* Perfect for carrying in pockets, purses, etc

* Pump applicator is easily removable for refill from the 30ml bottle

* Volume approved for air travel

* For details about our Solace scent, click HERE 

*** Due to FDA regulation, we are required to use the word ‘fragrance’ to refer to our natural oils


Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Smells heavenly!

I'm super sensitive to fragrances and have never been able to wear traditional perfumes. So I was beyond excited when I discovered ambre blends! It's the only essential oil perfume I've found that has lasting power. And the Solace scent is absolutely my favorite. Sometimes I layer it with Unmasque for a beautifully complex scent. But alone it just smells like a warm hug! I'll never stop using and recommending ambre blends!

Sherri J.

I love Solace. I’ve worn it for years.

Michelle K.
Subtle and perfect

Not overwhelming. Easy to apply. Perfect for travel. You enter the room, not your fragrance.

Martha H.
Love the Scent, not the Spray Bottle

Prefer the roller bottle. The spray puts out too much. The little tub of balm isn’t my favorite either.

Tina R.

A bit pricey but such a lovely scent! I really enjoy it as it is light, fresh, and a very clean scent.

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