Ambre Blends

Solace Essence Spritzer (8oz)

$ 70.00

*  For body, home or anywhere you want to smell amazing!

*  VERY IMPORTANT - shake bottle before every use!

*  20ml of Ambre Essence in each spritzer

*  Spritzer bottle contains approximately 900 sprays

*  For details about our Solace scent, click HERE

*** Due to FDA regulation, we are required to use the word ‘fragrance’ to refer to our natural oils

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
L. T. B

I love this product. I like how i feel wearing this. I love how it makes my skin feel, smell and glow! Receive so many compliments all the time. Ox its magic.

Whitney m.

love this spritzer smell lasts awhile too!

Heather E.
Love this!

I have been buying this scent for a few years now! I love it!

Beverley H.
Solace Amazing Scent

This scent is absolutely amazing, I get so many positive comments when I am wearing it.

Ana Gamboa
Many compliments

Being honest with you guys I’m not really good with reviews but I have to take the chance to let you all know that I love this oils they are amazing! I always get compliments every time I wear this, One of my friends said it in front of all the group that every time I go in somewhere, the oil that I am wearing is always the first thing they smell when I first walk into a room, And all of my friends agreed on that and on how good it smelled I also took pictures of the spritzers that I wear, which is solace and Amber and sent it to them and I just completely am in love with them.

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