Ambre Blends

Ahnu Pure Essence Oil (30ml)

$ 125.00


Top Notes:  violet leaf, lotus flower & tuberose

Base Notes:  our Ambre Essence, myrrh, tobacco, champaca & rosewood

This scent is fresh & spiritual.  Smells like sweet earth after a summer rain shower.

It will simultaneously ground & enlighten you!

*  Largest bottle of our Ahnu Pure Essence Oil

*  Made with all natural, pure and certified organic ingredients

*  Almost three times the volume of 12ml bottle

*  Great for repeat customers for refilling 12ml bottles

*  25% savings when buying the 30ml Essence Oil

*  A better deal environmentally & economically!!!

*  For details about our Ahnu scent, click HERE 

*  Applicator not included

*** Due to FDA regulation, we are required to use the word ‘fragrance’ to refer to our natural oils

* Due to the nature of the plant based oils that make up Ahnu Essence, you will notice that your bottle will start off golden in color and will lighten up to almost clear as it ages

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