Ambre Blends

Ahnu Essence Hand Sanitizer

$ 15.00
Say goodbye to 99% of germs with our NEW Ambre Blends hand sanitizer!
Ambre Blends Hand Sanitizer is formulated using plant based ingredients that leave your skin moisturized and feeling silky. It is absorbed easily with a non-sticky, smooth feeling finish. Within a couple of seconds your favorite Ambre Blends Essence will radiate and continue to all through the day.  
One pump gives you full coverage. There are over a hundred uses per bottle.  Available in all five Ambre Blends scents!
* 1 oz
* Kills over 99% of germs on contact
* Over 100 uses per bottle
* Recyclable packaging. Please recycle!  
Alcohol 70%
Purified Water
Hydroxypropyl Cellulose
Ahnu Essence Natural Fragrance
Vitamin E
Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lisa B.
Beautiful fragrance

I love Ahnu’s fragrance. The hand sanitizer is smooth, easy to use and melts right into your skin.

Angela P.
Good stuff

Can't go wrong with any of these products in any scent. Love them all.

Amber R.
So good!

Smell is amazing, leaves your hands feeling moisturized! There was a lot of separation of product that I didn’t have on previous purchases of this, but over all a great product!

Emily K.
ambre hand sanitzer is the GOAT!

As an Ambre loyal product user I was thrilled to see this added to the "menu!" My expectations were far exceeded! I took this on spring break and was stopped countless times to see what fragrance I was wearing. A BONUS is that my hands felt moisturized after. Other hand santizers leave you smelling like you doused them in vodka! After using the AHNU hand sanitizer I got that lovely familiar scent along with peace of mind of santized hands on the plane and elsewhere!

Debbie R.
Hand sanitizer

Loved this, the sent of alcohol doesn’t overwhelm this product. I want to use it all the time❤️

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