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Ahnu Beard & Face Oil Sample

$ 8.00

Ambre Blends Beard & Face Oil is a nourishing oil for the grooming needs of the everyday modern man. This is a pure, natural oil that leaves your face feeling fresh, rejuvenated and nourished while also fortifying your skin against the effects of aging.

Beard & Face Oil: Rub into hands and apply evenly throughout your beard and face. Product will absorb quickly and will softly radiate our signature scent all day long.

* Sample size (9/16 dram)

* 4-5 applications in each vial

* Due to manufacturer's specifications, sample vials are approximately 3/4 full


Jojoba: a desert plant which produces a hydrating, fast absorbing oil which is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, prevents inflammation and promotes blood flow leaving skin with a healthy glow.

Evening Primrose: a perennial flowering plant that improves skins elasticity and leaves skin feeling supple.

Hempseed Oil: produced by cold-pressing seeds from the hemp plant, this ingredient is high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and is rich in vitamin D which acts as a barrier for the skin and helps lock in natural moisture.

Avocado Oil: produced from the avocado fruit, this regenerating and moisturizing oil contains beta-carotene and vitamins A, B, B2, D & E.

Apricot Kernal: the internal part of the seed of apricots nourishes, balances, rehydrates and lubricates skin. 
Almond Oil: oil from the almond is a natural emollient containing vitamin B & E and essential minerals & proteins which protects the skin from sun damage and reduces skin irritation.
Sunflower Oil: a natural emollient made from pressed sunflower seeds which is a natural antioxidant and is rich in beta-carotine, which can help protect skin from sun damage and reduce the effects of aging.
Pumpkin Seed: high in antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, fiber and vitamins C & K and helps regulate proper skin cell production.
Squalane: an organic compound derived from olives known for its anti-aging properties, squalane nourishes, hydrates and boosts skins ability to regenerate to reduce wrinkles and soften skin.
Coconut Oil: a natural antioxidant that strengthens skin by promoting cell regeneration.
Rose Hip: the fruit of the rose plant is rich in vital fatty acids and antioxidants providing anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits which promotes regeneration of collagen, elastin and scar tissue and reduces age spots and replaces damaged skin cells leaving skin strong and supple.

Calendula: a perennial herb plant from the daisy family which is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Arnica: a perennial herb known for its natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.
*** Due to FDA regulation, we are required to use the word ‘fragrance’ to refer to our natural oils



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cole H.
Love them

Love the smells and the lasting fragrant. Wish it was a little stronger smelling though.

Jennifer L.
Sample pack

OBSESSED!! My sweeties beard smells amazing. Can’t stop smooching him! The olive oil soap is like nothing I have ever used, it’s outstanding. My skin feels amazing. Biggest fan of the Ambre fragrance and cannot wait to place my next order! You have a new customer Ambre Blends!!

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