Staff Spotlight: Lizzie Redman

We have a new member of the Ambre Blends family, but she’s actually been part of Ambre’s literal family for years. Meet Lizzie!

Lizzie came on board in our production department a few months ago, and she happens to be Ambre’s sister-in-law. “Lizzie is a delight to work with,” said Ambre. “Her humor over everything adds to the charm of this place. She is eager to learn and very much a team player. We appreciate her willingness to try new things along with her fun joyful spirit. She fits right in and we are all happy she is here!”

What is your favorite part about working for Ambre Blends? The atmosphere and the team. It’s such a welcoming, zen and cool place.

What are some of your favorite organic products that you use? Lately I’ve been loving these organic sheet masks. I’ve tried a few toothpastes, but I haven’t found “the one.”

What is your favorite Ambre Blends product/essence? I’m obsessed with the Skin Tonic. I love using the essence-free version on my face, neck and décolleté. It makes my skin soft, it’s anti-aging, hydrating and it gives the best little dew finish.

What is a day in your life like? COFFEE! When I get to the Disco Hut, I jump right in on making the next product or finishing one from earlier in the week. Some of Ambre Blends products take a few days to complete. It’s always a good day at Ambre Blends. Especially when your boss tells you to turn your music UP!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Besides Bravo TV, cuticle care, and online shopping? I love being with my family and friend, going to the movies, and eating.

Why do you think people should be using Ambre Blends products? Everything we produce is handmade. From making to packaging to labeling. We care about Ambre Blends so much and we make everything with a passion. This natural essence is amazing because it blends with your own pheromones to make a special mix for you. It’s fun to mix the oils and see what combos you can come up with. You can do a different essence from head to toe.

What has been one of the most rewarding experiences about working at Ambre Blends? I get so proud when I finish a batch of something. It makes me feel good knowing that someone is going to love what I made.

What was your first job? I was a hostess at Chilli’s. It was fun. I enjoyed chatting with all the people that came in. Thank your for calling Chili’s, home of the presidential margarita. How can I help you?

What do you want people to know? What Ambre has created is such a different and dope way to smell good and feel beautiful and be confident in yourself. She truly cares about every product and the people who wear them. All the people on the AB team play a pivotal part in what you see and smell. The team works hard to make you be glam!