Our Oils Don't Discriminate

One day you're feeling something bright and light, and another day you're looking for something more woodsy and sultry. Who says you have to stick to one scent, or a gender-specific scent?

Forget about men's and women's fragrances, our oils don't know your gender! Anyone can wear any fragrance, and Ambre Blends is no different. Traditionally in the past, brands would market specific scents to either men or women, but we're here to tell you to put that notion in the past. Our scents and products are unisex, made with everyone in mind. 

Instead of focusing on gender, focus on discovering which scent best resonates with you. Ambre Blends natural fragrances will radiate from you differently than they will someone else - it's about your body chemistry, not your gender.

Ambre Blends essences smell slightly different on everyone due to the unique body chemistry we all possess. They are designed to complement your body's natural chemistry so that once you apply, your body radiates an aroma unique to you. 

Your scent is personal, and you should wear what makes you happy. Embrace both your feminine and masculine side when experimenting with different scents to wear. Ambre Blends isn't for him or her, it's for everyone!