Introducing the Ambre Blends Wonderbox

Just in time for the holidays, introducing the Ambre Blends Wonderbox!

Here’s your chance to be a part of our product development collective. All of the products in the Wonderbox have been created exclusively in a very small batch that you can only get here. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The items you'll find inside the Wonderbox include...

Illuminate: This lightweight and nourishing body oil takes your skin to another level while radiating the scent of our original Ambre Essence Natural Fragrance. Your skin will feel like silk while giving it a light bronze illuminating glow. Product naturally separates so make sure you shake it up before you apply (note: you will hear two rose quartz spheres inside when shaking to help with the mixing process).

Ambre Fresh: Over the years, our customers have been asking us to make a laundry product. Well, here it is! This Fresh blend has the initial aroma of three of our signature scents. Give your bottle a good shake (there are two rose quartz spheres in each bottle to help mix it up), give the wool dryer ball provided a few sprays, and toss it into your dryer. The heat helps activate the scent and leaves a perfect aromatic uplift to your laundry...and laundry room! The wool ball is made of 100% virgin, organic wool all the way to the core. A fun fact about dryer balls is that they help improve airlow in the dryer, which shortens dry time by at least 25%, saving both time and energy. Each ball is reusable and last for 1,000+ loads of laundry.

*PLEASE NOTE: This product is best used with unscented laundry detergent so that the Ambre Fresh is not being overpowered by strong scented detergent.

Alpha Soap: If you know, you know! Our Pure Olive Oil Soap is high in antioxidants and great for the body and face. It feeds and nourishes, leaving your skin silky and hydrated. It also makes the best shave bar! Our Alpha Essence Soap has not been released yet and won’t be available for purchase for awhile - we wanted YOU to be the first to have it, making this Wonderbox even more exclusive. Alpha Essence is our newest scent that is part of our “Noir Label Collection.” We will slowly be releasing all the body products in this scent starting in 2024.

Solace Pure Soy Wax Candle: They are back!! BUT only in the Wonderbox...for now. Making the decision to offer our candles seasonally didn’t go over well with our customers and they want them back permanently. So we’re working on making that happen mid-2024 with new and improved packaging and glass. For now, we wanted to make a small batch exclusive to the Wonderbox for the winter season using the comforting scent of our Solace Essence! 

FOR BEST RESULTS: The first burn is the most important. Allow your candle to burn from edge to edge on the first burn to avoid tunneling. Upon first use, tiny sparks and crackling may occur. Our wooden wicks burn slowly with a small flame to extend the candles life and help keep your air clean. Trim the wooden wick to 1/8" before lighting each time.

Get a Wonderbox for yourself or one for a friend - it makes a great holiday gift for the Ambre Blends lover in your life!