Introducing Alpha Essence

What It Means

"Alpha" has many meanings. The name Alpha is commonly used to describe someone as strong and powerful. The Alpha brain is the part they call our "zen" brain in which we are at our most natural, calm state of mind. Immersing yourself in nature promotes Alpha brain waves which can stimulate creativity and minimize depression. Alpha is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin meaning “beginning." Alpha is the first Greek letter of the alphabet and we are currently in the Alpha generation as we reset after Gen Z. 

While all of these different meanings of Alpha are interesting to me, I wanted to name this new scent something that represented the "divine masculine energies" within ourselves. Author and healer, Darryl D’Souza says, “every single person carries feminine and masculine wisdom, tools, and energy. However, sometimes one or both of these energies is out of balance, silenced, wounded, misunderstood, or disrespected. By balancing, healing, honoring, and integrating our divine feminine and masculine energies, we write a new future for ourselves, humanity, and this planet."

The Inspiration

I wanted to create a unisex scent that harnesses and represents the "divine masculine" within us all while also stimulating the Alpha brain through the aromas of nature. Through the infusion of the essences of precious woods, in combination with our venerable Ambre Essence, emerges Alpha Essence. This new scent is bold, primal and transcends space and time. It howls with nature while also staying true to the roots of our flirtatious and sensual Ambre Essence. This combination embodies our innate sexual energy and mother nature. Alpha is sensuously uncensored.

Alpha Ingredients

All the essential oils we use in this signature blend are 100% pure, grown sustainably, and harvested with integrity. These precious oils are infused with our original Ambre Essence. 

  • Agarwood (base note): Sourced from Vietnam, Agarwood can nearly induce a trance-like state. It is a highly persistent, warm but deep scent with a woody aroma. It is rich, balanced, complex and unforgettable! This resinous wood is most commonly referred to as "oud."
  • Sandalwood (base note): Sourced from Australia, Sandalwood is a staple ingredient of Ambre Blends. It has a soft, sweet, yet woody aroma with excellent tenacity and a smooth dry-down. Sandalwood is world-renowned for its spiritual and sensual qualities as well as its calming fragrance.
  • Hinoki Wood (middle note): Hinoki is a cherished Japanese tree. The aroma is dry, fine, woody and has a soft, herbal overtone. Conversely, the undertone is warm, sweet and somewhat spicy. People describe its scent as clean and this quality that is the reason it is used in bathing rituals in the Shinto religion. Old growth Hinoki is categorized as a near endangered species and is highly regulated. The Hinoki essence we employ is being sustainably culled under the supervision of the Japanese government. Our Hinoki essence is distilled using only the leftover wood unsuitable for lumber.
  • Rosewood (middle note): This is a beautiful oil and one of my favorites. It comes from Peru and has a subtle, yet surprisingly sweet, woody aroma with a slight floral quality to it. Rosewood has many healing properties as well. Although rosewood is now also an endangered species, the rosewood that we use is CITES certified (the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species). CITES is a multilateral treaty to protect endangered plants and animals worldwide.
  • Cedarwood (top note): Sourced from the Himalayan Mountains in India, cedarwood carries a dry, woody and balsamic scent with a slightly crude, camphoraceous top note that integrates beautifully with the other oils in the Alpha blend. Cedar trees have played a role in aromatics since ancient times. From Egypt to India, the Mediterranean and North America, the cedar tree has been respected and revered. Cedar trees are considered the “timber of the gods” and are ideal for meditation.

I am beyond excited about the launch of Ambre Blends Alpha Essence! It is now our sixth signature Ambre Blends scent. Alpha Essence is very special to me, not just for the intoxicating aroma, but for what it represents. I know you're going to love it as much as we do. It's time to conjure up your Alpha roots!

-Ambre Crockett, Owner & Creator of Ambre Blends