How the Ambre Blends Staff Uses Our Products

Not only does our staff work with Ambre Blends products every day, but we all use the product line in our own homes as well! After using the products for years, we've all come up with our own creative ways to incorporate our favorite scents into daily life. 

Here are some ways our staff uses Ambre Blends products that you might know have considered...

Ambre: I put the Solid Essence in my hair every day. Also, I don't wash my jeans after every time I wear them so I use the Spritzer on them.

Rebecca: I spray the Spritzers onto my home's heating vents in the winter and shower curtains all year round.

Steph: I spray the Spritzer on my dryer balls, rugs, sheets, and the floor of my car. My neighbors always say, "your house radiates!"

Lizzie: I use our Lip Remedy on my son's diaper rash.

Amanda: I put a pump of Skin Tonic in my bath water to hydrate my skin and keep my bathroom smelling great. I also use Skin Tonic after being in the sun - it's a spring break must-have!

Cami - I use one pump of Pure Essence Oil onto my dryer balls.

Adam - In the winter, I put Body Cream on my scalp. I also use the Olive Oil Soap for shaving.

Jason - I use our Solid Essence "down under" for chafing.