Ambre Blends Oil Essences: Scent Profiles

Ambre Blends currently has six signature, proprietary scents, which all started with the original Ambre Essence (our OG) over 20 years ago.

Ambre Essence is the base of all of our other scents in the line. This was done intentionally so that you can mix and match not only the scents you're wearing but all of our different products. 

Here's what you can expect with each of our six scents...

Ambre Essence: Historically, amber oil has been used for its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. Ambre Essence is a proprietary blend that is a little complex because it is subtle but deep-smelling like precious woods. It is also fresh, clean, and flirtatious with a slightly smoky undertone.

  • Top Notes: deep smell of precious woods with a smoky undertone
  • Base Notes: fresh, clean, with a slight musk

Invoke EssenceInvoke Essence combines our original Ambre Essence with jasmine, neroli, sandalwood, and a touch of rose. It is sweet and uplifting, yet has a musky, woodsy, warm, fresh undertone. Invoke was crafted to smell like being sun-kissed while walking in a garden with exotic blooms.

  • Top Notes: neroli, jasmine, and a touch of rose
  • Base Notes: Ambre Essence and sandalwood

Solace Essence: Solace Essence infuses our original Ambre Essence with a tenacious, warm vanilla, creating a calming, peaceful blend. This warm, deep scent has a woodsy musk aroma with a slightly sweet undertone, bringing comfort and attraction.

  • Top Notes: a deep, tenacious spice
  • Base Notes: Ambre Essence and a warm vanilla with a sweet undertone

Unmasque Essence: Unmasque Essence unifies our original Ambre Essence with 13 essential oils to create an earthy and warm scent while having a sweet and smooth undertone.

  • Top Notes: mandarin red, blood orange, clove, black pepper, and coffee
  • Base Notes: Ambre Essence, vegan leather, sandalwood, and patchouli

Ahnu Essence: Ahnu Essence represents a return to the clean, earthly roots of our original Ambre Essence. It is fresh and spiritual, smelling like sweet earth after a summer rain shower. This scent will simultaneously ground and enlighten you. 

  • Top Notes: violet leaf, lotus flower, and tuberose
  • Base Notes: Ambre Essence, myrrh, tobacco, champaca, and rosewood

Alpha Essence: This scent is the first in our Black Label Collection. It harnesses the Divine Masculine in us all while stimulating the Alpha brain through the aromas of nature. It is bold, primal, and transcendent. Alpha Essence is sensually uncensored. 

  • Top Notes: cedarwood, hinoki wood, and rosewood
  • Base Notes: Ambre Essence, sandalwood, and agarwood