All About Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose is a perennial flowering plant native to North and South America. The oil from the seeds has many medicinal purposes, from treating eczema to psoriasis to acne.

History of Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose Oil has been popular since the 17th century for its medicinal purposes. It is traditionally referred to as the “King’s Cure-All,” as historically it was believed to have “majestic benefits” and “honorable properties,” making it fit for Kings and Queens.The seeds, fresh flowers, leaves, roots, and essential fatty acids were used in medicine to address not only skin issues but also symptoms of diabetes, menstruation and menopause, POS, rheumatism, impotence, fatigue, asthma, and more. In traditional Chinese medicine, Evening Primrose Oil is used to address circulation, inflammation, and female reproductive system issues.

Evening Primrose in Skincare

Evening Primrose is not only soothing and moisturizing, but it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Due to the fatty acids, it is used in skincare to improve your skin’s elasticity, leaving it feeling supple. It is also beneficial to mature skin as it can help the texture of peeling or flaking skin. Evening Primrose can assist with a health and rejuvenated complexion due to its astringent and softening properties. Another benefit to Evening Primrose Oil is that is can help other ingredients absorb more readily into skin.

Overall, Evening Primrose Oil is great for the general health of your skin since it helps supply nutrients and fatty acids. This helps skin appear more youthful and prevents wrinkles.

You can find Evening Primrose Oil in Ambre Blends Skin Tonic as well as the Beard & Face Oil. These tonics were developed exclusively for the purpose of rejuvenating skin and providing a healthy glow to your face and body, which is why we chose to include Evening Primrose Oil in them!