All About Ambre Fresh

We’ve heard your requests - we know our customers want their laundry to smell like their favorite Ambre Blends scent. Well, here it is! Introducing Ambre Fresh, made in a small batch exclusively for the Wonderbox.

The Ambre Fresh blend has the initial aroma of three of our signature scents. It comes with a wool dryer ball inside the Wonderbox that you can throw into the dryer and give your clothes a fresh Ambre Blends scent.

To use, give the bottle of Ambre Fresh a good shake. You’ll hear two rose quartz spheres inside when shaking it, which help the mixing process. Then, give the wool dryer ball provided a few sprays and toss it into the dryer with your clothes. The heat helps activate the scent of Ambre Fresh and will leave an aromatic uplift to your laundry…and laundry room!

One thing to note is that Ambre Fresh is best used with unscented laundry detergent so that the Ambre Fresh scent is not being overpowered by strong scented detergent.

The wool dryer ball that comes with Ambre Fresh is made of 100% virgin, organic wool all the way to the core. We love using dryer balls because they help improve the air flow in the dryer, which shortens dry time by at least 25%, saving both time and energy. And we love finding ways to be more green in our every day life! Each dryer ball is reusable and lasts for 1,000+ loads of laundry.

To try Ambre Fresh, order your Wonderbox online. Inside, you’ll find three other products along with Ambre Fresh that have been made just for the Wonderbox. After you have used the products for awhile, we would love to know your feedback in a quick survey - and be honest! Once you’ve submitted your feedback, you will receive a coupon code for a 15% discount on your next order in 2024.