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Yoga at Ambre Blends

I think it is important to create a healthy atmosphere and lifestyle not just at home but at your workplace, too. Everyone at Ambre Blends was on board and excited when we decided to stop each week for an hour and practice yoga together. It not only brings us closer as a team but it also helps us individually with focus, alleviating stress, increasing productivity, and overall well-being.

Our teacher, Sara Brown (who is truly the best), puts so much into her lessons. She infuses meditation with an affirmation or lesson on top of the work (we practice all types of yoga). She puts so much into each class including customizing a playlist each week, which always hits the soul in the right way every time!

We asked Sara about her experience teaching yoga at Ambre Blends, and here’s what she had to say:
“I am not shy about sharing how incredibly grateful I am to be guiding at Ambre Blends. I share with the staff frequently that it is my favorite part of the week to be in that space. It is sacred. It is vulnerable. It is beautiful to witness the love and support that they offer one another. They are open and willing to try new things with their bodies and their breath. They are all uniquely different and I cherish the texture that they each individually bring to that space. I now call many of them friends, and know I am going to be met with a smile when I walk in the door each week. Mostly, it is healing to see the environment in which Ambre, Adam, and Steph have cultivated for their staff, one in which they are cared for deeply physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Personally, Sara has made it an addiction for me…I simply can not get enough!


A little bit about Sara Brown:

“My yoga journey began way back in high school. I took an advanced physical education course that included a small chapter on yoga. Needless to say, it was different than any other form of exercise I had been exposed to before. I dabbled sporadically in it during my early 20s before meeting my dear friend Fran Valentine. I was lucky enough to have her beautiful spirit as my teacher, my guru. She effortlessly guided me into the foundations of yoga, and I have had a dedicated practice since 2005.

The calling came to dive into yoga teach training in 2014. At that time, I was not seeking to be a teacher, I was interested in deepening my own practice and working through some personal life challenges I was facing in that moment. It was such a delicious spiritual awakening, one that will forever be etched into my life.

Yoga had become my therapy, my church. The takeaway for me is and always will be that yoga doesn’t change your life, it changes you for life.

At the end of my training, someone asked me where I was going to teach. My responses was I really hadn’t planned on teaching at all. They posed this amazing question: how can you have this deep knowledge and not share it with people?

As someone who is a lifelong student and ‘guru’ in my professional life, this really struck a chord. So here I am, sharing my ‘gospel’ with whoever will listen. I have been blessed with many teaching opportunities since then!”