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Perfect Chemistry: Ambre Blends Fragrance's Formula for Success

“I’m wearing Ambre.”

Or rather, Ambre Blends—a line of fragrant oils, body creams, soaps, spritzers, lip balms, and skin tonics (and, coming soon, deodorant, baby creams, and bubble washes) that has monopolized high-end boutique and salon shelves from the Mile Square to Carmel since 2003, when northeastside native Ambre (pronounced “amber”) Crockett launched the company. A small-batch fragrance-maker who started out mixing up scents in her bathroom doesn’t sound like the stuff of a million-dollar business, but that’s just what Crockett is poised to achieve—along with a cult-like following, an appearance on the black market, and copycats—without the help of machines, loans, publicists, or advertising.

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