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pH Imbalance and Natural Deodorant: What Does It All Mean?

Ambre Blends Natural Deodorant

Do you notice that your body odor is stronger than usual? Have a sudden irritation in your underarms? Then it’s time to talk about your underarm pH balance.

Our bodies are constantly working to maintain pH balance while many factors can be working against it. Everything from what you eat and drink, medications, new products in your daily routine, stress, hormones, and more can throw off your pH balance, causing a strong underarm odor.

Natural Deodorant is most effective when your underarm pH is balanced. If you’ve noticed any of the imbalance symptoms, don’t fret – you can rebalance your underarm pH to get your pits happy and healthy once again.

Sweating is normal, but when your pH balance is restored and with continued use of natural deodorant you’ll notice less sweat and get rid of body odor. Instead, you’ll be radiating your favorite Ambre Blends Essence as your body heats up!