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Ambre Blends Travel Bags

Are you ready for an adventure? Whether you’re hitting the open road or flying high in the skies to your next destination, don’t ever leave home without your Ambre Blends.

We’ve created an Ambre Blends Travel Bag that contains some of your favorite Ambre Blends products that are approved for air travel. Available in all five essences, each Travel Bag includes:

Each Travel Bag is packaged in a reusable, eco-friendly PEVA (recycled phthalate-free) vinyl bag with hemp sides and trim. Not only are the Travel Bags great to take along on a trip, but they’re a great way to get introduced to some other products in our line. Haven’t tried the Skin Tonic? Layer it with the Body Cream to keep your skin hydrated on a long flight. Need to freshen up while you’re on the road? A few swipes of our Natural Deodorant will do the trick.

“I absolutely love this set! It’s one of my favorite things to gift to friends and myself. As someone who travels quite a bit, bringing these amazing aromas with me help me feel more at home when I’m on the road.”

“These travel sets are the best! They make for a perfect gift. If it weren’t for this set, I might not have ever tried the natural deodorant. And now I haven’t switched back to any other deodorant. This is also how I got hooked on the Skin Tonic. Seriously the best gift you can give or receive.”

“I love being able to get all of my favorite Ambre Blends products in this travel bundle and having these products with me when I do travel. Being a person who flies regularly, I love that I have no issue getting these through!”