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There was a time when the only scent that wafted through NewBeauty’s hallways was the occasional burnt microwave popcorn smell. But ever since Editor-in-Chief Yolanda Yoh discovered a brand called Ambre Blends at a beauty industry trade show, their organic fragrance oils can be detected throughout the office.

It wasn’t long after Yolanda started wearing Ambre Essence that Managing Editor Liz Ritter took notice and began rolling on Invoke Essence almost every morning. When Senior Online Editor Marci Robin realized her office smelled better every time Liz came by, she starting using Solace Essence.

All three scents are subtle variations of an almost indescribably warm, clean, sensual base oil, which vary further with each wearer’s body chemistry. The addictive aromas become almost undetectable to the person wearing them, but those around her (or him—they’re unisex) are gently aware of a soft, sexy scent.

And once someone smells one of the essences on a friend or coworker, it’s only a matter of time before she tries them herself.

After Marci, Marketing Manager Erin Foy got on the Ambre Blends bandwagon, followed by Receptionist Nicole Battaglini, and Copy Chief Chelsea Greenwood.

No one’s bothered by the popularity, because it smells a little different—and totally lovely—on each person.

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