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My friend uses Unmasque and I fell in love when I smelled it on her. I went to purchase my own with intentions of buying the same scent but was drawn to Ahnu.

Everywhere I go, I get compliments on my scent! When I wash my clothes, I can still smell it on my clothes even after some are ran through the dryer! The smell lasts forever.

High quality product. You have gained a lifetime customer.

-McKenzie Vibbert

I have written before But I went to the dermatoligist who was a female. She walked in and said oooo who smells so good as she walked closer. Then the nurse came in and she said who smell like that . raised my hand. Then appt setter said you smell soooo good. Wat is it. She looked it right up. On the computer. Then she had the payroll girl smell me. You should be seeing. 4 orders from lake worth florida. It happens everywhere I go. Loveeeee it. I always get invoke. Although I have gotten them all. T.y. for the perfect scent !!

-Karen rodgers

I just placed my first order and in my excitement didn’t verify my email address:(. I contacted Ambre once I figured out what went wrong. Within 10-15 minutes I received the order confirmation to the correct email address. You can’t beat the customer service and am looking forward to receiving my order.

-Michaeline Schiefelbein

When I was pregnant, which was 13 years ago now i became overly sensitive to smells and it never eased after the pregnancy. I haven’t been able to wear any perfume without daily migraines and headaches..until Ambre. It is seriously my favorite scent ever and the ONLY scent I can wear that doesn’t affect my head. If you are highly sensitive to scents as well this product not only is FABULOUS but it’s for you!!! Indulge in this oil!!! I bought the gift set because layering it is phenominal. I am obsessed with the body cream. I have not only the travel Gift Set but a full large body cream at all times!!! My skin is also highly sensitive and this will not irritate your skin or ever disappoint!! Please don’t miss out in trying these products!!


I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to this amazing brand and team! AHNU has become my new favorite scent and it makes me feel beautiful! I also want to give a huge shout out to the personal attention I received regarding a slight mix up with my order (errors occur rarely but we are human after all!). The order was fixed immediately and rushed to me during the busiest time of year. Amazing customer service is hard to come by these days but I cannot say enough good things about my experience with this company. Great people and great products!!

-Melissa G.

Do love the essence oil which is “soft”enough to wear daily to the hospital. I don’t worry about the impact on my sick patients. Also have been using the body oil on my face and love the non-greasy feel and bedtime scent. Get many compliments on it as well. Have decided that the Ambre and Solace will be my forever signature scent. Thank you and I look forward to new products.

-janice johnson

I was introduced to your product over 7 years ago by a friend who spritzed my hair and dress with the ambre spritzer spray, after commenting on how wonder she smelled. She took me to Twisted Sister up on Allisonville Road, (I think) and those lovely ladies gave me a sample vial of the ambre essence oil to try. From there I was hooked. I quickly went back to buy the 10ml rollerball vial. Ambre became my signature scent, and the only thing I wear. Everyone knows me by my scent. My co-workers can tell if I’m at work if they can smell the ambre in the air, and my friends know if I’ve arrived by the waft of ambre that surrounds me and lingers after I’ve moved through a room. (If I sound a bit dramatic, I apologize, but all of this is so true!!)

So for each following year, I would buy 2 or 3 of your 30 ml bottles, either online or in a store. Twisted Sister, if they had it in stock, and then on-line after I moved to Chicago for a job. And I was let in on a little secret by Stephanie, who told me that she has kept her same rollerball for many years and continues to refill it. It gives the oil a “seasoned” aspect, that is unique to hers alone. I appreciated that tip and applied it to my own refills-until last week, when I’m sorry to report that my purse was stolen out of my car, and along with it, my 7 year old ambre blends refillable rollerball vial. (Moment of silence, please).

So I’ve just purchased a new one here, along with the travel pack and the ambre glow-which I haven’t yet tried, in honor of spring and upcoming warmer weather (thank God!), and am excited to start fresh with the new vial and some new beginnings. I’ve also recently relocated back home to Indiana (yay!)-just in time for spring, and May (Indy 500!) and other good times with family and friends. I just wanted you girls, especially Ambre and Stephanie, to know how much I appreciate you and your dedication, and your line of exceptional products.

p.s. I also just had a very scary thought while writing you this note-you have to give me advance warning when you decide to move on to different things in your lives, I’ll need a little time to stockpile enough 30ml bottles to last me through this lifetime!

-Rachel Chappell

I absolutely love your product line. My favorite scents are Unmasque & Ambre I mix them together & use it all over. Every time I wear this perfume someone stops me & tells me how wonderful I smell. It is definitely a unique, heavenly scent I can’t get enough of. Thanks for making this product & please don’t ever stop!!

-Lisa Wagner, MN

My grandchildren snuggle up to my neck and seem to so enjoy the scent of their Nana. I find that the original Ambre Blend is such a comforting smell that appeals to grandchildren, and husbands. Calming comfort…love this product

-Barbara Ristow

I am in love!!!! My aunt was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer that began in her arm pits. So needless to say I wanted to find a natural deodorant. I found it, I love it. Thank you. So I ran out and used a known name brand. I my armpits completely broke out like I put poison on them. I reordered your deodorant and bam. … I’m as good as new. The smell it gives off is amazing. My husband thinks I put perfume on at night for bed and I say… nope just my deodorant.
Then my last order you all blessed me with some samples. Ok I just fell in love with the oils. Hello smell good feel sexy time. Wow. Love it!!!!! I want to try more of the oils. I get compliments just when I wear the deodorant, now I’m wearing invoke and ambre essence and people literally small me. Haha. So just want to say thank you for the natural products.

-Jordan Gorgievski

Have you ever had skin that felt so parched, like what ever lotion you applied was sucked up and pretty much useless? Or have you dared to try baby oil, Skin So Soft or Vasoline to quench that dryness…and survived the oil slick?

I was there. I am not a spring chicken and my skin SCREAMS for relief, for moisture. I was a little scared of spending about $100 on a skin tonic but I am so glad I did. Actually, I lucked upon a promotional offer which made me take that plunge. Now, I can not live without it, I can not recommend it enough. I don’t know what Ambre does, but the Tonic spreads over my skin–a bit goes a long way–and is immediately absorbed and I hear “ahh” from my arms, “ohhhh yeah” from my legs, “keep it coming” from my neck and shoulders and “are you kidding me” from my feet…makes them feel especially wonderful. Ambre’s Skin Tonic makes my pedicure last longer! I am such a fan I got some of this wonderful Tonic for my 90-year-old mother-in-law. Now she’s the softest and best smelling lady in her bridge club. Go Calista!!!
Thanks Ambre, you are amazing.

-Gennie Hammes

My sister Christy Powers McCrea from Indpls. In. is friends with Ambre! She got me hooked on the Ambre Solace blend. Everywhere I go everyone asks what I’m wearing or says I smell so good! I love this product! Its easy to travel with or throw in your gym or make up bag. I would love to keep one at home and at work! I love that it’s all natural and made in my home-Indy! 100% love!

-Ashlee Powers

I love your Pure Oil essence. It not overpowering like a lot of scents. Right now I am wearing Solace and plan on trying all of them at some point. I received the sampler pack after reading about your company in the Indianapolis magazine. Hope you keep developing new products.

-Heather Hedges

I was given a sample (Solace Essence) by a co-worker (Julie B.) years ago and was in awe with the smell. For one reason or another I never made a purchase. Here it is years later and I never forgot how much I loved the smell of Solace. Julie B. is no longer my co-worker and though I kept the empty vial…I missed placed it. I searched and searched until I found the vial and got the name of the company and placed my order immediately! I purchased the sample pack to experience all the fragrances; I will choose my favorite (if that is possible) and make my second purchase with Ambre Blends soon.

-Jessica Stinson

I have worn Amber Blends oils for over 4 years now and people still compliment my smell even when I’m not wearing it! I absolutely love the enchanting yet subtle scent that this product offers, and it’s all natural! I once gave a friend some lotion for her hands, she went home and here brother kept asking why does it smell like Daisy (that’s me)? I laughed when they told me about, that’s another great thing about this product, the fact that its so unique, it becomes your scent. I would recommend their products to anybody and everybody! Stop debating about it and order, its worth every penny and the products last you a while.

-Daisy Soto

I am head over heels for Ambre Blends products! The product is a need not a want :)!


I can’t get enough of ambre blends. I look forward to each new product that comes out because I know that I am only putting the best on my skin. I love layering the products and knowing that the scent will last. I constantly get compliments and feel like I have found my signature scent. LOVE!

-Shannon Crawford

Ambre essence oil is the BEST product I have ever used! A lady came in to our office wearing this wonderful scent and I absolutely had to ask her what is was it was! It so clean smelling. She told me it was Ambre oil. I got online THAT day and purchased the 4 bottle trial set . After wearing each sample, I couldn’t make up my mind which scent I liked best so I ordered the whole set! Every time I wear it I get tons of compliments and I pass on the web address so they can purchase their own. I even wore it for my wedding day because it is my absolute favorite. Because it is roll on I only have to use a little to get the desired level of scent I want. It has lasted a very long time. I highly recommend these oils for anyone who wants to smell delicious!

-Tammy Tucher

My daughter introduced me to the Ambre Oils. She is crazy about the original Ambre scent and the fact that it is a natural oil. She wears just a little of the oil (from the 10ml roll-on) everyday and it has replaced all of her other perfumes. This has now become her signature scent! It is so lovely and subtle. Her home even has that very light, wonderful aroma! Now I am ordering it for myself!!!

-Roberta Deal

I love your products. I recently purchased your Ambre deodorant and absolutely love it! I get compliments all of the time when I wear your fragrances! I wish I could try them all!

-Lisa Eaton

I absolutely LOVE the Solace Ambre scent!!! A friend of mine was wearing this scent and walked past me for me to say to her immediately….”What perfume are you wearing?!?!” It smelled wonderful and I just knew I had to purchase some too!! So I did!!

-Amy Ellgren

I read about Ambre and bought some. Every single time I have worn it, people ask about it! Strangers come up to me and ask what I am wearing! One time I was in the grocery store and a man kept following me. I was getting creeped out. Finally, he said, “I have never asked someone this, but what is your perfume? You smell so good! I want to buy that perfume for my wife!!” I was in NH ordering a lobster roll. The young girl taking my order said, “What perfume are you wearing? It smells so good!” I was at a gymnastics meet. The person next to me said, “You smell fantastic! What scent are you wearing?” Everywhere I go, every single time–people ask me what scent I am wearing!!If you sent me little sample packs, I could sell tons of product! I have purchased all the ambre products and love them all. My daughters love them, too. I love ambre.

-Annette Magjuka

I think I have a problem because I am truly addicted to Ambre blends oil! I love all the scents, but my favorite is invoke essence. It’s such a nice subtle scent but lasts all day according to everyone around me! I can put it on in the morning, and still receive compliments on how wonderful I smell long into the evening hours!


I was introduced to ambre blends by a Co-worker. She always smells fantastic and it prompted me to ask her what product she was using. I wasn’t expecting the response I was given. She gave me her sample set so I could try each of them. I quickly fell in love with the unmasque essence. I am very grateful she was nice enough to share with me. I am now complimented on a regular basis and asked what I use. I enjoy all the attention I receive from your product. I hope your business and products continue to grow. Thank you so much!!


I have been wearing Ambre Essence (roll-on) for a few years now and I still love it as much now as I did when I first smelled it! A lady at my church wore it and every time she walked past me, I’d think, “She smells amaaazing,” so I finally got the nerve to ask her what she wore and she told me about Ambre Blends. I have been hooked since! People compliment me all the time on “my scent” and I smile and say thanks. I even had a lady ask me to write down the information for Ambre Essence because she liked it so much. Honestly, I am in love with this product (which says a lot because I tend to be a product junkie and jump from thing to thing) and can’t imagine straying from this scent. Ever. Thanks so much Ambre Blends!


I was working at Stagecoach two years ago and a customer in line smelled fabulous. I did not ask what she was wearing at first encounter. I could not get this alluring smell out of my mind. When she returned, I had to ask what scent she was wearing. She told me to hold on and returned with this roll-on bottle labeled “Solace Essence” and proceeded to put some on my wrist. I fell in love immediately and ordered a bottle the next day. I love the longevity of the scent and every single time I wear it I get complements all day. Ambre Blends is not kidding when they say “it carries a clean, euphoric and sensual aroma.” This product is by far the best pure and natural aromatic oil I have ever put on my skin! I am a life long client and promoter!

-Ginger Kretz

I have wasted so much money trying different natural deodorants.None have ever worked until I tried yours!!!
What a great gift to women this is, as artificial scents and chemicals found in most deodorants can be very irritating and harmful.
Thank you,thank you,thank you. Now I smell good and feel healthier.
Ps It feels great on my skin and last all day.


I’m totally hooked on your products. It started when my sister gave me a gift of Ambre essence pure oil roll on. Six months ago I tried Skin Tonic- wow! I have always had combination skin and as I grew older started to encounter both breakouts and fine lines- not fair.
After using Skin Tonic my face is clear and bright. You might think that putting an oil on your skin would make it worse but it soaks right in. I love it and never want to be without it. Plus the large bottle lasts a long time. I also use the Skin Tonic on dryer body areas like elbows and heels.I use your body cream everywhere else.
Thank you for making products that both smell wonderful and are so good for my skin!!!

Also, my sister gave me Pure Essence Roll On in your original scent two Christmases ago. I feel in love immediately . It has such a beautiful soft yet sexy scent and lasts and lasts on my skin. People are constantly asking what I’m wearing ! I don’t mind sharing my secret since it smells slightly different on everyone.I gave away hundreds of dollars worth of other perfumes because nothing else smells as great. As a side note I have allergies and artificial scents cause me a lot of trouble. No problems at all with Ambre Essence products.

-Lucinda Phillips

I love ambre essence oil and the way it smells! Stays with you all day!


I love this scent – Ambre Essence soooooooooooooooooo much. When someone walks past you the scent makes them stop dead in their tracks. They have to know what that amazing scent is. It is such a delightful scent and so easy on my allergies. I cannot wear any strong ‘take over’ scents because it causes my allergies to flare up. This scent simply makes you feel happy, sexy, more confident about yourself. I simply love it..

-Sonja Harrison

After purchasing my first bottle of Ambre Essence oil I knew I loved it. What I didn’t know was how appealing it would be to those around me. There has never been a time that I wore Ambre Essence that someone didn’t stop me and ask me what I was wearing. No other fragrance seems to compare to the Ambre Blends. I guarantee you will love it as much as I do. A purchase well worth making!

-Kathy Smart

I LOVE Ambre Unmasque. I layer the body lotion, oil & deodorant. It smells FABULOUS! I always get a compliment when I wear it. The scent lasts all day long. And the oil lasts forever.


From a guy’s perspective… I know that whatever product I choose from Ambre Blends to surprise her, she loves it! I started with a sampler pack to see what essence would be her favorite and quickly discovered they were all favorites!!! Its a no brainer if you are looking for a great gift!

-Jeff Collins

I absolutly love Invoke, I work in the medical field and it is frowned upon to wear perfume or scented lotions. The physician I work for actually introduced me to the product. I purchased the sample pack to see which one best suited me. INVOKE it was! After wearing for a few days, one of the front office staff told me that I smell amazing. She then explained she usually gets headaches after wearing perfume, but this was so soft she wanted to try them, she then purchased a sample pack for herself and is now trying to decide which one is her favorite, and she is sending the information to her family out of town she loves it so much. Thank you for such a wonderful product, I am now a lifetime user 🙂
Thanks again,


This is my testimony for the gift set.
About a year ago, I was at a family function. As I walked into the Condo entryway of where my cousin lives in Chicago, who was having the family get together…one of my other cousins walked into the entryway at the same time. We greeted with a big hug. “Oh My Gosh!! I “What perfume are you wearing”!!!!! I asked. I was drawn and obsessed with it already!” You smell SOOOO Good, I told her! She actually had the roll-on oil in her purse. Well…the name was rubbed off and she couldn’t read it . Are you kidding??? I need to know what it is, I thought. During the family function she remembered it was like “Ambre” or something and she got it online. She told me. For 2 days, I kid you not, I looked on line trying to find a website that offered a roll-on oil that was a Amber scent. FINALLY…I came across yours. I emailed my cousin about your website, and she thought it sounded familiar but she wasn’t sure.. So I went ahead and ordered the roll on Ambre scent. When I received it the mail I quickly opened it to give it a whiff…YES!!!!!!!!! it’s the one!! I LOVE THIS SCENT! I was so excited! all the time trying to find it was a worth it!! The scent was everything that I remembered… it’s natural, soothing, fresh, and gives me a feeling of calm and lift all at the same time. I find myself smelling my own wrist….ALOT!!!

-Karen Babtist

I just placed an order for some more goodies!!  I LOVE the deodorant!!!  I can’t say enough great things about it.  I have tried the all natural deodorants in the past and nothing has ever worked.  I am hooked and spreading the word!  (going to do a blog post about it on my site soon)!

-Jenn Brown

Thank you for making such an amazing product.

I purchased your product at a couple of places near me — small lingerie store in Redondo Beach and another little boutique in Manhattan Beach. I bought all of their ambre essence! LOL! I was working in Santa Barbara for a few months and ran out. Found a little boutique in Orange County – AlisoViejo, I think, that carried it and I drove there on two different occasions to buy the ambre essence that she had.  She was a lovely woman and I ended up buying quite a few things there! Im trying to remember what it was called. She did tell me that she wasnt going to get more because she had the other essences left and until she sold those, she couldnt get theambre essence alone. Anyway, it used to be on your list of places that carried your product. I just contacted the store in West Hollywood and they are waiting for order too. I had them put me on their mailing list — just in case I run out and need some right away, I have an option! ROFLOL!

I LOVE your product and I came to know it purely by accident. I have to admit to being very selfish about sharing your product to close friends and family. I do, however, give out your cards all the time to people who approach me. It has become my signature scent so I dont want my friends and family to have the same thing! ROFLOL!  But, people I dont know are welcome to buy, buy, buy and I encourage them to go to your website. I hope Ididnt make it sound like people stalk me — LOL! — it is true though that I get approached all the time about your fragrance. Often, people are too shy to come and ask, but I can tell they smell it by their actions! Very funny. Scent is such a key sense…just think about how you can be taken back to a place by something you smell. I am extremely sensitive to scents having had migraines my whole life. Perfumes can easily trigger an attack, so I am careful about what I wear. I also hate it when I go somewhere and a woman has on so much perfume you cant breath. But, I think we all love it when a person walks by us and we pick up a delightful fragrance that just makes us feel good.


Everyone always compliments me and ask what am I wearing. I love it!

-Janea Crowell

After the 1000th compliment, I really need to let you know how much I love your product. Is there a nicer compliment than someone telling you how good you smell? It makes my day! I’ve always searched for a “signature” scent and now have one in your product. The nice thing is that friends don’t mind having the same one, as it smells different on every person!

-Melani Wilson

Soooooo many compliments received from Ambre Essence. The only fragrance I wear now!!


I fell in love with ambre essence once i caught sent of a women I met while on vacation with my husband- he too was quite fond of the sent as well! As soon as I got a chance I ordered the 10ml bottle, anxious to recieve-it finally came! Just yesterday after leaving work, a co-worker walked by my office- sent a text telling me my office smells amazing! Ambre Blends thank you!

-Lynsi P

I cannot say enough good things about this line, having been privileged enough to try all the products myself. The deodorant is by far one of my favorites. A little really goes a long way and with the essence radiating with your body heat, what better place to put it? My armpits have truly never smelled better! The natural ingredients neutralize any odor and I get a whiff of the amazing ambre scent throughout the day. It’s slightly dangerous though- you may not feel the need to shower as often 😉

-Nicole Kouroupis

My name is Amy Smith and you may remember me from the front desk at
the W hotel in Washington, D.C. Ever since you all stayed with us I
could not stop thinking about that aroma! I finally bought my own
Ambre products and ever since I have been using it, I am stopped
almost everywhere I go and people are commenting on the scent! It is
truly an amazing product you have! Between work and just random
strangers, word of your product is spreading! : )

Thanks again and have a happy new year.

-Amy Smith

I want to tell you the story of my first encounter with Ambre Blends. I am a 49 year old gay male, not straight curious, just plain 100% gay. I was in a crowded bar last Friday night after my work’s Christmas party with several of my friends, co-workers and many others. I kept smelling something really nice, but didn’t know where it was coming from. It smelled so clean and, intriguing you could say, that I couldn’t get enough of it. Three of my female friends got in a photo booth and I stuck my head in through the curtains and POW! There it was! I immediately sniffed each woman until I found out it was Kelly that was wearing it. For the rest of the night, I attached myself to Kelly’s side so I could keep smelling her. I found out what it was and where she got it. Invoke! It was at a store in Traverse City, Michigan, which is 200 miles away, so I ordered it online the next morning. Later at breakfast with friends, one of th em insisted that I let them buy me the Invoke for Christmas. They said I had to wait for Christmas to open it and I thought I could do that. It came in the mail yesterday and I’m ashamed to say that I tore into the package and rolled it on! I now have to package it back up and deliver it to my friend and wait eight days to smell it again! After reading the literature that came with it, I am now interested in the other three scents and discovered a location only 14 miles away that sells your products. I have to go now! I LOVE Invoke!!


I just have to gush. My husband and I recently stayed at the Allison Inn and Spa (Portland, OR) for our honeymoon. Very casually, on the way out the door of the spa, I rolled on some Ambre fragrance from a sample by the register. I didn’t buy it…then.

We get home and I can’t stop smelling the scarf I was wearing the day I tried your fragrance at the spa! That was over a week ago and it still smells amazing. I called the spa to get all the info and just ordered a sample online.

Basically, this is a rambling note to thank you. Thank you for making natural, pure, and delicious fragrances. I am so committed to things like the Environmental Working Group and clean living, particularly for things I put on my body. Fragrance feels like an off-limit item for the reasons of all the impurities. Thank you for making a wonderful product. After my sample arrives and I figure out which scent I love…I plan to be a loyal fan and recommend you highly to others.

-Sarah Cook

My friend gave me the Ambre body cream for my birthday this past year. I have used L’Occitane Ambre (which is now discontinued) for years and never found anything that came close in comparison until I found you! I’m obsessed with your Ambre! It is by far the best frangrance I have ever had (which I might add I’m a product junkie so I’ve had alot!). Everytime I wear it I get complimented by several people. It’s amazing. Please don’t ever stop making it!


-LeeAnn VanDyke

it seems like it was custom made for me.. I absolutely LOVE the Solace fragrance, it seems like it was custom made just for me! I get so many compliments from men and women alike, and the scent lasts all day. I’m in a panic, almost out of the roll-on, and no one in my area sells it. A suggestion, perhaps shipping can include Canada.
Thanks so much for a GREAT product!!


The products I purchased in December and 2 weeks ago are nothing like the products I’ve purchased in the past.


I love this line.  My daughter-in-law gave it to me in October for my birthday and I’ve stopped using all my other fragrances.  Poeple constantly come into my office and say “what smells so good in here”.  Thank you for such a great product that is all natural!

-Barbara Jackson

Ambre Essence is absolutely intoxicating.  I cannot get enough of it!!!!!


I’m French, I live in Paris and I work with American people. I recently
smelt on a woman an incredibly lovely perfume and she told me it was Ambre
Essence. I really like the fact it is a natural fragrance which adapt to
your natural body smell. I used to wear vegetal musc from Marocco but it
doesn’t last long on my skin. Since that day I fell in love with your
creation and I would like to know if it’s possible for you to send a
purchase abroad. It’s my birthday at the end of the month and I told all of
my friends it’s the only present I want!!
Thanks in advance for your answer and congratulation again for your work!

-Marion Pansiot

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your olive oil soap! I received it as a gift and now I’m giving it! If I could be like Oprah and have an “Erica’s Favorite Things” list, your soap would be at the top. Thank you!!

-Erica Mobasser

I received my yummies the other day – you wonderful sales are turning me into a hoarder (at least I am a fabulous smelling hoarder)! I love LOVE the Ambre Bath and of course hope that it will soon come in the Invoke scent. I literally wear nothing else now, and I have HUNDREDS of perfumes sitting around. It’s amazing – I was never able to find “The One” before Invoke.

-Marie Shepard (Invoke Fiend)

I wanted to tell you that I literally get compliments on your invoke oil almost every day. I live in Los Angeles, and I have had both women and men ask me where I purchase my perfume. I am not sure if you plan to sell out here, but I think it will sell very well.

-Kelly Harkness

I just discovered your signature fragrance when I was shopping at Gallery 116 in Fishers, IN. I spritzed it on my hand before I left… the next day I had to go back and buy it!  I am in love with it!  I have never loved a fragrance so much!  Thank you for living your dream and sharing it with others!  Congratulations on such a successful venture.  Always the best!


I found my Ambre scent in a quaint shop and immediately fell in love with it after a test spray in the shop. I didn’t buy that day, but thought about the smell all the time afterwards. I had to go back and buy it as quickly as possible.
I have now been a dedicated user for 1 year now. My husband love the smell and wears it too. We have all the scents and I enjoy each one.
I work with so many people and get so many compliments, almost everyday, on my scent. I tell them it’s called Ambre blends and then always spell it to make sure they get it right.
I wish you would offer wetnap or small vial samples with the name and website on it that I could give these people. I have told over 100 people already!
Nice work!

-Julia Easton, Business Owner

I just wanted to write you and tell you that I love your pure oil essences. I am a good friend of Jenn Brown. We played softball together at UF and we spent the weekend together for our Alumni Reunion this past weekend. She gave me a sample of the three blends that you make and was in love. I have not been wearing any perfume lately because I have an 8 month old son. I don’t like wearing any perfume around him because of the obvious close contact and a babies sensitive skin. But with your pure oils, since everything is all natural, I can smell wonderful again. And I have never got so many compliments on the way I smell before. I can’t smell it on me, but everyone else can. I am also a High School teacher and my students have commented on several occasions on how good my perfume smells. I just wanted to let you know that I am a new proud costumer for life. (My favorite is the Ambre blend J) Ambre Blends are my new Holiday presents to all my friends and family. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and thanks to Jenn for introducing it to me.

-Jackie Humphrey

OMG! People were so overtaken… and when people say “oh, people ask me what i am wearing all the time” I kind of think they are a bit nuts… but seriously… people were tearing the table apart trying to find out what it was… and someone stopped me in a store after the show asking what I was wearing- Lauren and Syd were there and we all started screaming ( we had a bit of wine in us too… to be honest ).
You guys have really hit the ball out of the park! I’m 42 and of course think I have seen and smelled it all… but I love this stuff so much! Lauren and I laugh with one another because having just met this year… we both grew up puking over our individual mother’s lock down on Estee Lauders “Youth Dew” fragrance… which is all they would wear, and makes us both contemplate wanting to take our own lives when we smell it. I have to say I think I have found the scent I will take to the grave with me! I LOVE IT!

-Alex Thompson – Editor

Your Ambre Blends Studio Holiday Open House was awesome!  Your studio is beautiful and I am blown away by your products and growth.  Great way to holiday shop and feel fantastic about gift giving~ Thanks so much!

-Dawn Pattyn

I live in Cincinnati but will definitely go on line and order the Solace, I get so many compliments on the scent.  I work in a hospital and it’s perfect, not overpowering very subtle and nice. I was given your product by my daughter Courtney, she lived in Durango.  She fell in love with the product and introduced me to it, in  any case I will be placing an order this week. I liked it so much I used it too sparingly I’m afraid so  I will definitely not make that mistake again…

Thank You,

-Maureen Childress

I found your product in PillowTalk in Indiana while distributing flyers for a local show for the March of Dimes. When I walked in the store, I was immediately in LOVE with the intoxicating smell, and Rachel Davidson introduced me to your products! Love at first smell lol:)
I bought the original scent in lotion, oil, and spray, and just cannot get enough of it. I will NEVER buy another perfume or lotion again, ever! I haven’t been this excited about something so simple in a long time, so thank you!

-Amber Bryce

Hi I received my gift set and WOW its just soooo nice and I love this scent…i can’t get enough of it! I’ve been wearing this for a few goods months now and its got to be the best scent ever! Everyone who ordered this will fall in love with it… like I have..enjoy your scentes with Ambre!! 🙂

-Barb Homay

I’ve never in my life written to a company about their product, but I just have to on this one!  My brother and his wife have been giving me the Ambre products as gifts for the past 6 months.  They live in the Broadripple neighborhood of Indianapolis, but I’m not sure of the name of the store.  I LOVE your products!!!  Literally, not a day goes by that a stranger doesn’t stop me and say, “oh my god, you smell amazing!  What is that?”  It happened yesterday in a cab and the day before that in line in the women’s bathroom!!  I’m a social worker by day and a bartender by night and in both worlds, people are always telling me I smell great!  I can’t say enough good things about your product and just wanted to pass that on to you!

Thanks for the uniqueness!!

-Molly Nelson

I love your products, and EVERYONE comments on how amazing it smells!  I rave about it all the time 🙂  It’s definitely all I’ll ever wear.


Several months ago, I was waiting in line at our neighborhood coffee shop when a woman wearing the most lovely-smelling scent breezed by on her way out the door.    I was completely smitten with it, but was unable to chase her down in time to ask what it was.
Happily, I ran into the same woman at the same coffee shop a few weeks ago.  She was wearing your scent again and was all too happy to pass along information about it after I shamelessly accosted her in the parking lot.
Now I’m the person who is getting accosted in parking lots by strangers asking what scent I’m wearing.   Even my four-year-old boy commented on it while we were reading before bedtime a few nights ago, saying, “Mama . . . you smell gooooood.
(He’s normally way more interested in superheroes and mud puddles than perfume, so I think that’s the best endorsement at all.)
Best wishes on continued cheer and prosperity!  You’ll definitely be hearing from me again . . .

-Stasia Demos Mills

I just want you to know that I LOVE Solace. I have the oil and the candle and I use it when I’ve had a rough day and need a little TLC. It smells amazing!

-Maria Mandel

I am an avid ambre user. I have purchased all three of the scents, my favorite however, is the original ambre scent. I recently discovered that one of my co-workers is friends with Ambre Ashley. This relation alone compelled me to let you know how much i love your product. I haven’t thought about the ones behind this amazing product until speaking with this person. I would like to let you know that it is an incredible invention, and i love the variety of the smell from wearer to wearer. Good luck with everything! Thank you so much for your products!

-Rachel Hanson

You have created the most exotic sent if have ever smelled. Ambre essence is perfect in every way. It’s long lasting and it demands attention.

-April Hardeman

I was just at an art show in Buffalo Grove, IL and the lady in the booth smelled so good!  She kept asking if she could help me and I said ‘no, but you smell so good I don’t want to leave’!  Her name is Kristen Toussaint and she very kindly gave me your email address.  I have ordered 2 fragrances, saving solace for winter……I can’t wait!


I smelled ambre anywhere spray when I past a store in “The west village-atlanta road, ga”. I sprayed a sample on my clothes and went home. Two days went by and I still smelled the wonderful scent in my car and in my laundry room. I picked up a bottle and now I need other products that the store does not carry.

-trudy coarde

I love your products! I work at Von Maur in Indianapolis and my co-worker was wearing your fragrance and I asked her what it was and where I could find it. She told me about your products. I purchased the lotion and I liked it so much I went back and bought the all over spray! I just wanted to say great work and this is an excellent product!


I had purchased your ambre fragrance oil at Ciao Bella and became mesmerized!  What a truly exotic fragrance!  They stopped carrying it and I finally decided to search — took 2 hours, but voila!  Now, I have to get to your shop!

-Laurie Giesler

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