Ahnu Natural Fragrance

The emergence of Ahnu Essence represents a return to the clean, earthly roots of Ambre. A balanced and transcendent aroma mixing the sweet, tenacious scents of tuberose and lotus flower with the warm, soft notes of violet leaf, tobacco and champaca. Ahnu Essence is a fresh and suave natural fragrance which will simultaneously ground and […]

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Ahnu Spritzer

Ahnu Spritzer is a fun, easy way to blend your body, fabrics, and favorite possessions with our popular Invoke Essence – empowering your natural fragrance into a light, floral aroma. Spritzers come in our travel-friendly 2 ounce and 8 ounce spray bottles.

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Ahnu Soap

Invoke pure olive oil soap is a healthy, rejuvenating bar that leaves your skin feeling silky and clean. Each bar is individually packaged in 100% biodegradable materials, so it’s not only beneficial to your body, but it’s good for the environment as well.

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Ahnu Skin Tonic

Utilizing 100% natural, plant-based ingredients and organic oils, our skin tonic strengthens and hydrates your skin while emanating our popular Invoke Essence. Ahnu Skin Tonic is an essential part of your anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial skincare regiment. Our skin tonic comes in chic .85 ounce and 4 ounce glass bottles, loaded with Ahnu Essence, and topped with […]

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Ahnu Deodorant

Our 100% organic deodorant comfortably complements our entire line of products. This toxin-free odor-eliminator is healthy and beneficial to your well-being. Without any harmful aluminum or paraben, the only things your body will ingest from our deodorant are bountiful, enriching nutrients. With our Ahnu Essence as the leading ingredient, you will delicately emanate an airy, lavish […]

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Ahnu Body Cream

Ahnu Body Cream is a rejuvenating, euphoric blend of ingredients that revitalizes your skin while enhancing your body’s natural fragrance. Body creams are packaged in our standard 2 ounce jar, perfect for everyday application, and our larger 8.5 ounce container.

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Ahnu Large Gift Set

Illumination, rejuvenation and flirtation all in one perfectly designed package. Infused with our invigorating Ahnu Essence, our Ahnu Large Gift Set combines a bevy of carefully selected products designed to celebrate your strength and radiate your presence. At home or throughout your travels, create a sense of euphoria in every space, welcoming excitement and allure wherever […]

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Ahnu Beards Set

Leave your beard and face feeling fresh, rejuvenated and nourished with our Ahnu Essence Ambre Beards Kit, our first ever product set designed specifically for men. Each item is hand-picked to nourish, soften and protect after trimming, shaving or taming your mane for a refreshed, confident feeling that makes a lasting impression.

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Ahnu Skin Tonic Gift Set

Rejuvenate, refresh and refocus for a sense of beauty that travels far beyond skin deep with our Ahnu Skin Tonic Gift Set. Over 18 pure, raw oils in our signature Ahnu Skin Tonic combine to protect, repair, and rejuvenate your skin for improved complexion, reduced wrinkles and a feeling of confidence and strength that travels with you […]

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Ahnu Essence Travel Bag

Our signature Ahnu Essence Travel Bag provides a full selection of Ambre Blends products designed to relax and inspire wherever your travels take you. Radiate our invigorating Ahnu Essence with an all-over experience that delicately enhances your natural beauty to create a refreshed, soothing feeling that travels with you as you welcome new experiences.

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