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Ahnu Natural Deodorant Featured in Organic Spa Magazine





After a few years of hit-or-miss formulas—and some seriously crunchy packaging—natural beauty products have finally found their spot on the shelf. They’ve become easier to find for a reason: Natural formulas are more effective than ever, and the upgraded Insta-friendly aesthetic doesn’t hurt either. Still, if you’ve been wearing one signature lip color since high school or don’t trust anything besides your go-to serum, you might not have been tempted over to the au naturel side…yet. That’s why we’ve asked women for their best advice on taking your beauty routine to the next, natural level.

“I swear by face oils! The natural face oils available today are incredible and have totally changed my skin for the better. I also love using a simple rose face spritz, and I mix coconut oil with a few drops of essential oils to add shine to my hair. The trick with natural beauty products is to find a product with a scent that you love so you’ll continue to use it regularly. I love Ambre Natural Deodorant ($19) because it smells amazing and really works, which is hard to come by with natural deodorants.” —Tara Sowlaty, cofounder of lifestyle blog How You Glow

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Ambre Blends has released their newest fragrance and we cannot get enough of it! If you haven’t heard of Ambre Blends yet, the only way to truly understand the hype is to come in and experience it for yourself. Here’s a little background info…

Ambre can be worn by both men and women alike and the fragrances seriously turn some heads. They have products ranging from natural deodorant to oh so heavenly beard tonic. Everyone we know who wears Ambre Blends gets complimented frequently and often by complete strangers!

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Ambre Blends Featured in Briannes Boutique “Ambre Blends – a Honest Review”


Ambre Blends is very well known around the Indianapolis area, and is one of our top lines, but does it really live up to all the hype?

Ambre Blends

According to their website, “Amber oil has been used for centuries for its medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities. The blending of amber oil, the primary ingredient in all Ambre Blends products, with other organic essential oils creates Ambre Essence. Once activated by the body’s warmth, our essences produce a unique, long lasting, individual fragrance that exquisitely compliments one’s own natural chemistry. Ambre Blends selects only the finest, organic ingredients to soothe your mind and protect your well-being. The mix of these ingredients produces a clean, sensual and addictive essence which develops a unique scent on each wearer.”

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Ambre Blends featured in Whit’s Beauty Room “Sixth Scent”

Fragrance makes us dream. – Francois Nars

Feminine characters. Heroines. Powerful women who, despite being underestimated at times, still transform the world. Imagine my joy when I discovered Ambre Blends. An independent, women-owned business, in Indianapolis Indiana, which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001.

This lovely company creates four exquisite, all-natural essences and can be worn by both women and men. Even better, all Ambre Blends products are 100% pure, contain natural vegan ingredients, and are each handcrafted works of art.

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Ambre Blends featured in Sarah Life and Style’s “MY TRAVEL ESSENTIALS”

I travel. Not as much as the average jet setter, but about every six weeks or so, I’m packing my carry on for another work trip. Over the past three years, I’ve gotten pretty good at learning what stays and what goes. So, I thought it would be fun to share a blog post on my absolute necessities when I fly. Things I double and triple check I haven’t forgotten before I head to the airport.

Here’s everything! My Travel “Bible,” if you will.

  1. My cell phone. Because, duh. But almost as important as my phone itself is my portable charger from Ventev. I don’t know what it is about travel and airports, but I’ll be sitting there sometimes, just watching my battery go from 90% to 35% in a matter of 20 minutes. I mean, why? I’m not even using it! A phone at less than 40% battery sends me into a spiral of anxiety and self-loathing, especially because it’s my connection to my kids and my navigation when I land. My battery can.not.die. This Ventiv portable charger has been a lifesaver! I plug it in at home the night before I leave and stick it in my travel bag in the morning. When my phone needs a little CPR, I just plug it in and turn it on, and it’ll charge my phone so quickly. And then all is right with the world again.

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Indy Star – 80 gift ideas from Indy’s creative class

2016: The year of merry minimalism.

This year, we asked 20 Central Indiana creative types to go KonMari on their holiday wish lists. (For those of you not familiar, it’s a method developed by Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo, author of the best-selling “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”)

They pared their lists to four key items: something they want, something they need, something to wear (or eat), something to read. That’s 80 ideas to make you a holiday hero to the hard-to-impress people in your life.

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Nuvo – Run your home or business with Green Power in Indianapolis


Does the city use electricity through [IPL’s Green Power Option] program? Does NUVO? What businesses in the IPL area use it?



Great questions! For those who don’t already know, IPL’s Green Power Option allows both residential and commercial/industrial IPL customers to pay a small premium to specify an amount equal to 100%, 50%, or 25% of your monthly electricity use to be generated by a renewable source. The current premium is $0.001 per kilowatt-hour and is used to purchase power from Indiana and Midwestern wind farms.

IPL isn’t able to share which business customers participate without their permission, but some participants promote their enrollment. I found a few online, including Ambre Blends, Indianapolis Zoo, Wild Birds Unlimited, Reverie Estates, LightBound, Harding Poorman, and BioStorage Technologies.

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Ambre Blends Featured in Vogue Magazine – “Why You Should Visit Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City”

The vast, middle of our country, known as “America’s Heartland,” appears as an endless patchwork of farmland and snaking rivers, punctuated by the occasional city that often seems so small and inconsequential—especially from an airplane window. To coastal dwellers, these “flyover cities,” a slightly disparaging term, refer mostly to the swath of land making up states like Illinois, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Missouri. Beyond the well-traversed Windy City of Chicago, a few smaller Midwestern cities are luring travelers with their creative cuisine, live tunes, new museums, and serious laid-back charm. Here, a guide to three cities worth landing, and lingering, in.

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Just say no to propylparabens.


Take a look in your medicine cabinet, and think about it—can you name a single ingredient in any of the products you use every day? It turns out that the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her skin every day, without even knowing.

A little over a month ago I spoke with beauty activist Jessica Assaf about the lack of transparency in the beauty industry. She told me a few upsetting facts, among them that the FDA doesn’t require any pre-market testing or approval before beauty products hit shelves. She also explained how the European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals found in cosmetics, as scientific studies suggest that they could be linked to cancer, reproductive harm and neurotoxicity. However, the FDA has only banned eight and restricted three.

It got me thinking seriously about the products that I put on my body every day. So I decided to do a complete overhaul of my cosmetics and only use products that contain non-toxic ingredients that I can pronounce.

Read the full article at “The Coveteur.”

Elite Daily – Switch Out Your Beauty Staples For All-Natural Products

Let’s face it: It’s time to take care of yourself. But, let’s go beyond eating healthy and exercising three times a week.

Harmful, deadly chemicals are everywhere, including in most of the hygiene products that we use daily. We’re voluntarily putting cancer-causing ingredients on our skin and in our bodies every single day.

If that doesn’t scare you, then I don’t know what will. But fear not: For every chemical-laden product, there is a natural alternative.

Ready to green your beauty routine? Here is an easy, four-step guide for a more natural approach to hygiene:

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Organic Spa Magazine – Top Natural Deodorants

Ambre Blends Natural Deodorant One of my absolute favorites, and who wouldn’t love the subtle amber-tinged scent! (An unscented version is also available.) A roll-on applicator dispenses 100 percent certified organic coconut oil, arrowroot, shea butter, and more.

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Mentioned in August Allure Magazine by RealReal Executive Hannah Soboroff