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Meeting the grooming needs of the modern man

Ambre Beards Men’s Grooming Kit is our first ever product set designed specifically for men. Utilizing our signature Ambre Blends scents, we have designed these products to meet the grooming needs of the modern man. Included in our Men’s Grooming Kit are our Face & Beard Tonic, a luxurious, nourishing oil; our Shave Bar, an olive oil-based lathering soap bar; an exclusive Ambre Beards mustache and beard comb to tame even the wildest wiry whiskers; and a sample pack of our signature Ambre Blends Oil Essences to make you smell as good as you look.


What to Expect

Face & Beard Tonic: Leaving your face feeling fresh, rejuvenated and nourished while also fortifying your skin against the effects of aging, our Face & Beard Tonic also softens facial hair making it easier to manage your mane.

Shave Bar: Made with pure olive oil and other all-natural ingredients, our shave bar creates a silky smooth lather upon which your razor’s harsh effects are mitigated and replaced with a hydrating, smooth and pleasurable shaving experience.

Oil Essence Sample Pack: Our warm and soothing oil essences emanate a sensual and alluring aroma which will be intriguing to you as well as though around you. The longer you wear our oil essences, the better they get and the harder it will be to wear anything else ever again.


Our beard and mustache combs are handmade in the USA by an individual craftsman using renewable sourced American red oak hardwoods. These combs are laser cut to precision by the same craftsman who then finishes them utilizing a three stage sanding process to achieve a smooth, snag free comb. Each tooth is visually and physically inspected to ensure no snags or rough edges will interfere will the comb’s operation. We coat each comb with our signature Ambre Blends Essence to seal the wood for longevity and leave your comb smelling amazing!

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